Tianxiao(Tina) Li

Tina is a girl who came from the Beijing, China and now living in the United Stated. She spent four years in University of Connecticut to study Economics as her undergraduate major and now chasing her dream on Interactive Design as her graduate major in Savannah College of Art and Design.
As a girl who is raised in a traditional but lovely Asian family, she was suggested to learn Economics or something Financial related because "She is a girl. She better does something steady and quiet. Such as in the bank! " However, the little girl inside her actually is dreaming about art and design. Her empathy and kindness made her to follow her parents' dream. But her courageous and creativity made her jump out the comfort zone to pursue her inner heart childhood dream at here.
Now, Tina can combine both of her background from Economics and Interactive Design to produce products, help people and solve problems. Because the past precious experience on Economics made her knows how to do the research and analyze the market status. And the Interactive Design makes her knows the importance of defining problem and the process of design.
She loves anything that she went thorough and she is looking forward to her future.

Tina is able to work all around the world.